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2014-2015 Division Officers:

Diane Hanel, CAP - President
Micci Gillespie, CAP-OM - President-Elect
Carolina Wilson, CAP-OM - Secretary
Sarah Bantz - Treasurer

Please feel free to contact any of these officers for more information about the Iowa-Nebraska Divsion.

President's Message

  • Antoinette Smith

    March President's Message

    All of us on the board and at Headquarters are excited and anxious for the new, revitalized IAAP to come to fruition. However, it’s not realistic to think everything will happen overnight. Rather,...

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Complete Office Companion Free Webinar: Marsha Owen

Check out a short COC preview with COC contributor Marsha Owen. Managing Business Ethics and Etiquette in the workplace can often be challenging. Learn about confidentiality, dealing with office politics, and workplace diversity. Worth .5 IAAP CAP recertification points.

Greg Creech Webinar

If you missed the Greg Creech webinar on creating amazing office publications you can still view the free webinar and get .5 recertification points.

Doug Allen Webinar

If you missed the free Complete Office Companion webinar with Doug Allen on how to make your presentations pop, you can still view the recording and get .5 recertification credit. Thanks to the COC publisher, ByPass Publishing and the Grandview Group, for making this available to IAAP members.

Complete Office Companion Free Webinar: Kemetia Foley

Check out a short COC preview with Kemetia MK Foley, CAP-OM, author of COC Chapter: Leveraging the Web and Social Media. Learn about a little-known social media tool that is quickly becoming powerful—and often dangerous—for customer service. Worth .5 IAAP CAP recertification points.